Recruitment content and requirements KH
ETG Dealer
From age 17 to 30, fair skin, pronounced facial features, with a sweet smile, dedicate fingers, bust above B cup, height between 155 to 175 cm. We will measure your weight according to your height. Overall, we consider the effect on the screen as our first priority. Training program is provided if you have no experience.
Gaming Dealer
From age 17 to 30, not so tanned, well-featured, dedicate fingers, calculation skill is required, Training program is provided if you have no experience.
Card Sorter
From age 16 to 25, no preference for skin color , well-featured, as long as you're physically fit we provide a training program if you've no experience.
Live casino management at least a year experience is required.
basic listening, speaking, reading and writing of mother tongue. Basic ability for typing and filling out forms. Excellent in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English.
Equivalent job of live casino management at least 2 years. Chinese and English language skill required.
Implementing, enhancing the HR system and the programs of the company. Development of employee orientation, performance evaluation, social security assistance, counting of the attendance rate, HR related message management, maintenance of personnel profiles. Management of the dormitory and related issues. The ability of process management is required. Implementing and completing the assignment from the supervisors. Fluent in English is required.
Responsible for troubleshooting including by hardware, network, software, and system. And need to maintain mentioned above. Good ability of English.
Application address:
2 thnou st, Sihanoukvilla 18000, Cambodia